Toroni (Greek Τορώνη ( f sg ) and older name: Toroni ) is a small village situated on the two-mile Toroneos Bay. It is located on the Sithonia peninsula in the homonymous municipality in Chalkidiki, Greece Peninsula. The small hamlet Tristinika belongs to the village of Toroni and is located north of the village center.


The town's name comes from Greek mythology. Toroni here was the mother of Poligonos and Tilegonos who were defeated by Hercules, the wife of the sea demon and Proteus.

In the 8th century BC Toroni of Chalcis was colonized and later joined the Confederacy in the Attic. 424 BC helped the city Sparta in the fight against Athens. The Athenians, who had barricaded themselves in a fortress at Cape Lykithos were destroyed. In the year 348 BC Toroni by Philip II, conquered in 168 BC after the dissolution of the Macedonian kingdom of the Romans. Because of its good location it was rebuilt several times. The ancient Toroni was one of the richest cities of Chalkidiki.

The Christian Basilica of Agios Athanassio fell in the 6th century AD a fire to sacrifice. Only the mosaic of the central nave is still preserved.

The ancient port of Toroni has fallen below the sea surface and can today be seen only by diving.

Local festivals

  • Festival of Tradition in June, during the Whitsun weekend, with music, dance and theater performances.
  • Two-day cultural events on August 15.