Torque screwdriver

A torque wrench is a tool that can tighten and loosen screw using a predefined torque. Thus, it is possible to achieve a clamping force or biasing force of the assembly parts to be connected, so as to ensure safe operation. Torque wrenches are available in various sizes and designs. With them torque of 1 Nm can be applied to five -digit values ​​. A torque wrench is no impact or impulse wrenches.

Torque wrench from a torque of 150 Nm are commonly referred to as high-torque screwdrivers. In principle, the torque wrenches are equipped with a gear motor and a drive unit.

Torque wrench types

The torque wrenches are equipped by the manufacturer with various types of drive. This produces the following result types:

  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Manual screwdrivers

Areas of application

Torque wrenches are always used when human power is no longer sufficient in response to a lever length. That is why they are also called Torque. In general, the torque wrenches are widely used in all industries where there are screw which need to be resolved or checked tightened. Following an overview of industries is listed:

Maintenance and installation

In the assembly of steel structures and for example in crane HV screws are tightened with the torque wrenches usually. Also in the maintenance when screws must be replaced and renewed or checked for biasing force torque wrenches come into question, as it often is hundreds of screws in the constructions.

Machinery and Plant

Wind turbines, injection molding machines, presses, forging machines or heavy machinery can not waive the right preload force. Here, the torque wrenches are mainly used to protect the staff.

Water supply and network maintenance

For the service and maintenance of pipeline networks, the valves must be opened and closed. The opening is so far a challenge that the slides often strongly trapped by water and weather conditions outside.