Torvikbukt is a village in the Norwegian municipality Gjemnes in the province of Møre og Romsdal and is located on the west coast of Norway. The village comprises 300 to 500 inhabitants. The Sunndalsfjord and the 994 -meter high mountain Reinsfjellet are in the vicinity of the village.


The largest and most important company is Gjøco AS (Ltd.). Gjøco is a color producer and has the second largest market share in the Norwegian market for interior painting products. The total turnover of Gjøco in 2004 was approximately 150 million Norwegian crowns (25 million U.S. dollars).

The agricultural industry is also an important industry. Torvikbukt has many small and medium-sized farms, but many farms were not continued, as successor missing and agriculture in the area is unprofitable lately.


Torvikbukts environment with fjords and mountains makes it a good starting point for mountain walks and boat trips and also a suitable place for fishing. Cottages are therefore become another source of income.


Torvikbukt has a primary school, is taught in the 1st to the 7th of the class. The school has about 40 students. Until recently, a school closure was planned because the funds can not be provided by the municipality Gjemnes available. However, this could previously be prevented because the council had voted against a closure.