Toshio Suzuki (racing driver)

Toshio Suzuki (Japanese铃木 利 男, Suzuki Toshio, born March 10, 1955 in Saitama Prefecture ) is a Japanese racing driver.



As Toshio Suzuki in 1993 made ​​his debut in Formula 1, the Japanese was already 38 years old. At the Grand Prix of Japan and the race in Australia he replaced at Larrousse the Frenchman Philippe Alliot. Suzuki was in Japan a very popular driver and his involvement in Formula 1 was a great satisfaction for him, even though he came with a large backlog of both races to the finish.

In 1979, Suzuki was Japanese Formula 3 champion and become secured overall victory in 1995 in the domestic Formula 3000 championship.

Sports car racing

Had a great success he celebrated especially in sports cars. He was works driver at Toyota and Nissan. Especially as a partner of Kazuyoshi Hoshino he became a determining factor in the Japanese GT Championship. With Hoshino and Masahiro Hasemi 1992 he won the 24 Hours of Daytona. It was the first all-Japanese crew win at a major international sports car racing.

In Le Mans, drove the Japanese strong races. The Toyota GT -One, he was ninth in 1998 and drove the car in 1999, together with Ukyo Katayama and Keiichi Tsuchiya in second place overall.

Le Mans results