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The KWPN - stallion Totilas (nicknamed " Toto ", formerly Moorlands Totilas ) is an internationally successful dressage horse. Together with his former rider Edward Gal held the 1.75 m wide stallion temporarily the records in the three heaviest dressage tests.

Sporting successes

Early years

Totilas was born on 23 May 2000, was drawn by Jan K. Schuil and Anna Visser in Broeksterwâld ( Broeksterwoude ).

His first major appearance was Totilas at the World Championships of five- year old dressage horses in Verden in 2005. Still ridden by Iscah van den Akker, Totilas has already been judged at this time of sports journalists as the best Dutch horse on the grid. In the final examination, he finished fourth here.

Success with Edward Gal

Totilas was owned by the Dutch Moorlands Stables, the main sponsors Edward Gals. In 2006 this was given the opportunity to ride Totilas. At this time dominated the six- year-old black stallion only a few basic lessons. Gal says, however, to have felt from the very beginning incredible strength and energy with Totilas.

The first big success was Gal celebrate with Totilas, as in the summer of 2009 with an average of 81.394 % (of which 86.700 % in the Grand Prix Freestyle ) won the Dutch championships. Until the year 2008, the international dressage competitions were largely dominated by Anky van Grunsven and Isabell Werth, with this victory over Anky van Grunsven began the reputation of Totilas as a " wonder horse ".

Two weeks later won Gal and Totilas also the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle at CHIO Rotterdam (the latter with 84,500 %). As a result Gal and Totilas for the Dutch team at the European Championships were nominated in 2009. Both reached with the team gold medal and the Grand Prix Spécial the silver medal. In the Grand Prix Freestyle, they also reached the gold medal, with a score of 84.085 % in the Grand Prix de Dressage and a score of 90.750 % in the Grand Prix Freestyle placed them so that two world records.

Hereupon developed a discussion about the " wonder horse " Totilas, critics have criticized this particular very pronounced front leg work in trot and asked whether a horse can naturally move that way. At a high point of the discussion, it came at the " Global Dressage Forum " in 2009, when the local speaker, dressage trainer Ton de Ridder, the theme of " Totilas " with the words "He ( Totilas ) is a crowd favorite. He fills the stands and we should be grateful " [Note 1] tried to quit. This in turn was commented upon in the event of a German journalist with the words: " hypocritical that we can not discuss in public the horse, while in the background everyone says something different about him." Totilas strong trot does not comply with the FEI Handbook and "this is what needs to be discussed. " [Note 2]

On 16 December 2009 Gal and Totilas toppten her own world record in the Grand Prix Freestyle, as they could decide the Weltcupkür at London's Olympia Hall with 92.300 % for itself. This Rekold they held for four years. They also won the end of March 2010, the World Cup Final Dressage. Also the Dutch championship defended Gal and Totilas in the summer of 2010.

A third world record set Gal and Totilas on as part of the CHIO Aachen. Here they won the Grand Prix Spécial the CDIO 5 * with 86.458 % ( The individual value scores of the judges included, among other things, 28 times the highest grade ten ) This record was the end of April 2012 by Charlotte Dujardin replaced.

At the World Equestrian Games 2010 Edward Gal and Totilas won with the Netherlands gold in the team competition and gold in the individual competition at the Grand Prix Spécial and in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

The achievements of Totilas, coupled with the aforementioned discussion, lead to a lively audience interest in dressage, where Totilas participates. At the CHIO Aachen 2010, had approximately 5000 spectators already very large German Bank Stadium will be closed off due to the rush of visitors.

On 14 October 2010, the previous owner Cees Visser ( Moorlands Stables BV) announced the sale of Totilas known. The buyer of the horse, Paul Schockemoehle, confirmed the purchase on October 26, 2010. Based on the purchase confirmation Schockemoehle also announced that Totilas would also be presented in future in the sport. Regarding the sale price was reported in the media about sums in the range of 10 to 15 million euros, which would correspond to the highest ever price paid for a dressage horse ( The record amount for the sale of a dressage horse was by then at EUR 2.5 million ). Paul Schockemoehle had then formed with Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff an owner community.

Success with Matthias Alexander Rath

New Riders of the horse is Linsenhoff's stepson Matthias Alexander Rath, as Schockemoehle announced on November 30, 2010. For the first time came Totilas and Rath at the CDI 3 * Munich -Riem common in sports to.

In their first joint German Championships 2011 in Rath and Totilas Balve won the title at the Grand Prix Spécial. Here they had their first joint appearance in the Grand Prix Freestyle, the freestyle music for this was composed by Paul van Dyk. With a score of 85.650 % and here victory went to Rath and Totilas. CHIO Aachen they won in the CDIO 5 * tour all three individual tests. This causes Rath and Totilas for the German European Championship team were nominated, but where both have won no individual medals.

As a result of several tournament appearances fell out due to injuries. Overall Totilas and Rath paused after the European Championships in 2011 for eight months, interrupted only by two demonstrations at horse shows. Your first tournament appearance of the year 2012 had both at the CDI 4 * Horses & Dreams Hagen: where they are secured with a distinct relaxed ride than before the victory at the Grand Prix de Dressage ( 83.809 %). Due to an illness of his rider it did not come to a place in the Olympic Games of 2012.

In early 2012 it was announced that Sjef Janssen - the former Netherlands coach dressage - should in future take over the training of Matthias Alexander Rath. Firstly, he should train the young horses of Rath from now, but this was prohibited to it by the Dutch Association. Then it was announced that Janssen after the 2012 Olympic Games to completely take over the training of Matthias Alexander Rath.

To Janssens training methods include the so-called Rollkur who still refused categorically Raths father and coach Klaus Rath in 2010 and the attenuated variation LDR (low, deep and round ). When asked, that he had then called for a petition to the general abolition of Rollkur, Klaus Rath said in early 2012:

"We are against anything that is not compatible with the protection of animals. But there are many studies that have come to the conclusion: To a certain extent the Rollkur is not harmful. And ... to the system of Sjef Janssen belongs, moreover, far more than this method. It belongs ... in life to the fact that his opinion is also revised times. We have extensively dealt with the subject and deliberately opted for this route. If something is to be done with our horses that does not meet our policies, we will automatically intervene. "

For the first time on public view were the new training methods on the warm-up arena at the show in Hagen:. trainer in April 2012 Klaus- Martin Rath said: " Totilas knows the Dutch system, so he has grown up. Low, deep and round and the German equestrianism act differently. As a result, but they do the same. "


In an interview on July 5, 2012, the internationally successful show jumper Ludger Beerbaum was asked about the threat at this time ineligibility of Rath and Totilas at the Olympic Games. When asked how he assessed the hype about Totilas, he remarked: " Honest is said that complete showmanship. Only then should come once athletic performance, then you can talk about favorite roles. But the athletic performance I do not see at the moment. Just because Totilas was expensive, so much is spoken about him, not because of the performance of horse and rider. [ ... ] One would have to approach the whole thing differently. I would have maybe bought a horse or can buy. [ ... ] But then I would have kept the ball flat and not attended with any PR numbers. [ ...] I would have waited until I got done my piaffe and passage, and then I might have thought once about printing Totilas -shirts. "

World Ranking

In the dressage world ranking of FEI, based on the combination of rider - is designed horse Totilas was seen by the end of 2009 until June 2011, Edward Gal and world ranking leader. Thus, the pair was several months after the sale of Totilas still at square one. Since July 2011, Totilas is performed in the rankings together with Matthias Alexander Rath - the entry was made on 166th to the beginning of 2012 they were fourth.


In addition to the sporting achievements Totilas was initially dosed used for breeding. After being sold to Schockemoehle Totilas to be used during the winter months mainly in breeding, the summer months are intended for sporting use of the stallion. On Ann Kathrin lens Hoffs " sheep farm " in Kronberg im Taunus specially a complete deck station was set up for breeding with Totilas.


In the stallion Totilas line is descended from the famous thoroughbreds Dark Ronald and Herold, which appear as the Trakehner stallion Tempelhüter elsewhere in his pedigree.