Touch (TV series)

Touch ( German: Touch ) is an American mystery television series that was developed by Heroes creator Tim Kring and produced by 20th Century Fox Television, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, for the U.S. broadcaster Fox. It is about Martin Bohm, whose autistic son Jake apparently can predict the future. The pilot episode was broadcast on January 25, 2012 as a preview on Fox. Regular broadcasting began on March 22, 2012. The German Original Air Date the pilot episode took place on 27 February 2012 the German air television ProSieben, as well as the Austrian ORF one.


The newspaper reporter Martin Bohm was once successfully until his wife was killed in the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 in one of the towers of the World Trade Center killed. Since then, his life is no longer the same. His task since it, to take care of his autistic son, Jake. Martin fails not only from communicating with his son, but is also overwhelmed with his behavioral problems. Soon the Youth Protection Authority is turned on. Clea Hopkins is of the opinion that it would be best if Jake would come into a home. Martin sees this differently, for he noticed that his son three times in succession at the same time ran away from school to climb a radio tower. He soon becomes clear that Jake can predict the future. He is given support by Arthur Teller, a specialist for children with unusual talents.



The Fox announced in the summer of 2011 a new series of the Heroes creator Tim Kring with Kiefer Sutherland in a starring role. In addition to Sutherland the young actor David Mazouz as Jake were - the autistic son of Sutherland's role - and Gugu Mbatha -Raw occupied as a social worker Clea Hopkins. In October 2011, the Fox gave the green light for the series and ordered thirteen episodes for the time being whose radiance is then seen in the spring of 2012.

A few days later, the first official trailer for the series was released. Furthermore, Roxana Brusso has been cast in a recurring role.

In the course of further program decisions Fox gave in May 2012 to extend the series to a second season known, the ordered number of episodes was not mentioned. For the second season of Maria Bello was included in the main cast with. 2 August 2012 it was announced that Lukas Haas received a starring role in the second season. Gugu Mbatha -Raw Furthermore, no longer belongs to the regular cast. In mid-August came Saïd Taghmaoui as a new protagonist to the series. In May 2013 it was announced that Fox ended the series after the second season.

Instrumentation and synchronization

The German synchronization occurs after dialogue book by Martin Kessler and the dialogue directed by Ralph Beckmann by the company synchronous synchronous Arena in Berlin.

Danny Glover (2008)

Maria Bello (2010)

Lukas Haas ( 2007)

Said Taghmaoui (2009)

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After Touch was officially appointed in October 2011 as a series, the station announced a start date in early 2012. Thus, the pilot episode was finally shown on 25 January 2012 as the preview right after an edition of the music show American Idol. She was seen by a total of just over 12 million Americans and thus achieved a rating of 3.9 in the key demographic. The official start of production was 22 March 2012. At the finale of the first season on May 31, 2012, two episodes were shown at a time. On September 14, 2012, the previously omitted thirteenth episode of the first season was shown. The broadcast of the second season to be held from 26 October 2012, and then from January 2013 originally, but was postponed to 8th February 2013. The second season finale, which also represents the series finale was shown on May 10, 2013.

In Germany, ProSiebenSat.1 Media had secured the broadcast rights, and determined it to broadcast on the station ProSieben. So was the pilot episode at the transmitter on 27 February 2012 - preview behind the premiere of also located in the U.S. broadcaster Fox series Terra Nova - shown. The remaining episodes have been running since March 26, 2012 every Monday at 21:10 clock. May 9, 2012 ProSieben announced that the series will be no longer visible due to low ratings in prime time, and the remaining episodes will be broadcast in the sender's night program. On average, 1.05 million people watched the first season. In the target group was reached 0.74 million viewers.

In Austria, ORF one showed the first episode along with ProSieben on 27 February 2012 as a preview. As of 26 March 2012, the series was sent as a German -speaking Original Air Date on one ORF.

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The mirror rated the pilot episode as " a fanciful story - with brilliant moments. "