Touring Club Italiano

The Touring Club Italiano (also called short TCI ) is a 1894 incurred association that looks after the interests of the Italian tourism.


The club was (since 1906 Vice- President and in 1919 President 1859-1926, ), Federico Johnson, and fifty-five other people founded on November 8, 1894 by Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli as a cyclist association under the name of Touring Club Italiano Ciclistico ( TCCI ) to the then newly to make known upcoming bike. One year after the founding of the association published its first guide and made the first proposals to bike paths. 1900, the club in the Touring Club Italiano ( TCI) has been renamed. In the years of Italian fascism, the club had to rename his English-sounding names in the form italianisierte Consociazione Turistica Italiana (CTI ). The association for its precise cartography and its printing products on thin paper is known. The seat of the Touring Club Italiano is located in Milan in 1915 by Achille built Binda Palazzo Touring Club Italiano, also called Palazzo Bertarelli ( Corso Italia 10).


Monthly Magazines

  • Guida d' Italia TCI since 1914.
  • Le Vie d' Italia, 1917-1968 published.
  • Le Vie d' Italia e dell'America Latina, extension of the Vie d' Italia between 1924 and 1933.
  • Le Vie d' Italia e del Mondo, the successor to the Vie d' Italia e dell'America Latina from 1933 until 1936.
  • Le Vie del Mondo, expansion of Le Vie d' Italia e del Mondo, 1937 to 1943, and from 1950 until 1967.
  • Vie d' Italia e del Mondo, the successor to the Vie del Mondo from 1968 to 1970.
  • Vie del Mondo, successor of Vie d' Italia e del Mondo from 1987 to 1992.
  • Alisei, successor of Vie del mondo, 1992
  • QuiTouring, members' magazine, since 1971

Guide (selection)

  • Guida d' Italia TCI, since 1914
  • Le Guide Rosse ( red guide), comparable to the Michelin Guide.
  • Le Guide Verdi ( green guide), since the 1980s.
  • Le Guide Oro ( golden guide), visualized Guide.
  • Le Guide Gialle (the yellow guide), plain text guide.


  • Atlante Internazionale del Touring Club Italiano, 1927

Award of quality marks

Since 1998, the TCI the Orange Flag awards ( in German: Orange Flag ) a seal of quality in the field of tourism and the environment, which the club to small communities ( maximum population: 15,000 ) awards in the Italian countryside. The winning towns stand out through excellent city, and an excellent tourism infrastructure. The orange flag is the only Italian project, which is recognized by the World Tourism Organization as a successful program to promote development in tourism.