Tower Heist

Tower Heist (Original Title: Tower Heist ) is an action comedy from director Brett Ratner from the year 2011, which started on November 3, 2011 in the German cinemas. The main characters are Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy are seen.


Josh Kovacs is the manager of a luxury apartment building in New York City. One day, he suspected a kidnapping of the rich exchange Moguls and penthouse resident Arthur Shaw, but this turns out to be fleeing from arrest by the FBI. Shaw apparently had his empire last built on a pyramid scheme, which is still a good life, but investors brought him to financial ruin. Kovacs, who used an almost friendly relationship with Shaw had also invested with him, the entire pension fund of Tower employees.

Kovacs is provided Thereupon the speech clearly condescending rejected by Shaw and then brought up by the FBI agent Claire Denham. After even the long-time doorman Lester tries in despair at the threat of poverty by the loss of his life savings to throw himself in front of a subway, but is rescued, Kovacs has a fantastic along with two employees the penthouse. Since no view or shame is still visible at Shaw, Kovacs smashes out of anger all slices of a Ferrari 250 GT, which is issued in the penthouse apartment. This was supposedly once Steve McQueen and had him "holy." Then, losing all three of their job.

As Josh becomes clear that Shaw still has to have a secret fortune, he realizes that this must be stored in a hidden safe in his penthouse. He decides to break with the two also fired there and to use the money as compensation of employees. He persuaded his childhood friend and small-time crook Slide and the former Tower residents and high debt stock broker Mr. Fitzhugh to support them, with Slide is, however, concerned only for his own gain.

It so happens that slide begins the coup on their own and the project completely out of hand. When the vault then indeed turns out to be present but empty, there will be a fight between Josh and Slide, which dissolves a shot in the scuffle, hitting a hole in the hood of the still battered Ferrari. Here, the secret of the car will be revealed: It is made of pure gold, thus providing the missing capital and produce an Now it is the car discreetly find out from the penthouse: Shaw was in fact under the pretext of a court Termines during the Thanksgiving parade and with involuntary help of the FBI have been led out of the apartment. After uncovering of fraud reverse this immediately back there.

The gangsters leave the car on a steel cable to another floor down, eventually bringing him off the elevator and leave the vehicle during an executed by Lester Bluffs disappear. In the car there was also a notebook. It contains information on the assets of Shaw, which lead him and bring him to jail. Josh leaves the book to the FBI and in turn the group comes unpunished. Exception is Josh, who gets two years in prison because of car theft.

In the end, every member of staff receives an existing solid gold part of the carriage by parcel service.


While the reviews of American and British critics had caused to grow, Tower Heist was rather negative been received in the German-speaking countries. The majority of massive logic errors have been criticized in the film plot.

"In the financial crisis comedy Tower Heist screenwriters Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson have now felt not a second wasted on thinking about the sense or nonsense of the plan to get you started in the penthouse of a luxurious New York skyscraper. Therefore, would director Brett Ratner ( Rush Hour, The Family Man ) actually have to work twice as hard in order to interest the audience for things other than the final coup. Nevertheless, his production is neither elegant, nor is the film particularly funny. So you are sitting now, shaking his head at the cinema and wonders what the do because on the screen actually, where you will be torn, especially given the well-known cast surprisingly rarely a successful gag from his rather gloomy thoughts. "

" Tower Heist is average entertainment. Many opportunities for successful Lacher left unused, and the oh-so - difficult - job is running a bit too easy from. Only when a few things go wrong towards the end, the pace picks up, and even the tension, which again brings more laughs. Unfortunately, this is far too late, and thus makes Ratner just pick up where he left off before his hiatus. Mediocrity "

" Prominent busy, but little original and also too listless edited comedy that is lacking in their criticism of the financial market practices to bite. "


Tower Heist played at the premiere weekend in the U.S., 25.1 million U.S. $ a.

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  • Even in Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick had to do it with a Ferrari 250 GT. There, however, it is a convertible - with here but a replica was used in all scenes.
  • The golden Ferrari would be far too heavy to be safely lowered down on a cable, which is designed only to secure a window cleaner nacelle. Likewise, he could not even be placed on an elevator car by four men moved in this form or.
  • Also, the items shown at the end of the engine, wheels and steering wheel could not be easily lifted by the actors due to their weight: Only the rim, which usually weighs at least 10 kg steel correspond in gold three times. Besides the share, as measured by the gold value would be distributed rather unfair ( a rim against a very delicate steering wheel ) among the employees.
  • The simple " Tower" building is actually called the New York Trump International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle in New York City.
  • During the promotion for the film director Brett Ratner fell on by homophobic utterances. He therefore had to give up his role as producer of the Oscar ceremony in 2012.