Town Life

Town Life SpA is an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

Tonino Lamborghini designed in 1989 a small car. 1992 or 1999, he founded Town Life SpA in Foligno. 1997 or 2000 marketing launched under the brand name of Town Life. The company took over the insolvent company Isigo ( an American company by Piero Rivolta ) the production in Magione. 2001 sold Tonino Lamborghini, the company that is independently ever since.

Car models

The company manufactures small cars. A possible engine for the model Ginevra is a gasoline engine with 505 cc displacement and 15 hp, can be reached by 90 km / h top speed. Alternatively, a diesel engine Lombardini, also with 505 cc displacement and 5.4 horsepower available, which would allow 45 km / h. The Helektra is driven by an electric motor with 5.5 hp, h top speed and 90 km range are designed for 45 km / indicated. Both models feature a body made ​​of fiberglass and are available as a coupe and convertible. The cars are 252 cm long, 142 cm long and 138 cm high. Also, initially the model of Isigo Ferruccio Junior was further built with the same engines as the Ginevra.