Toyland (film)

  • Julia Hunter: Marianne Meissner
  • Cedric Eich: Heinrich Meissner
  • Tamay Bulut Öztavan: David Silberstein
  • Torsten Michaelis: Mr. Silberstein
  • Claudia Hübschmann: Mrs Silberstein
  • David C. Bunner: SS First Lieutenant Hawk
  • Gregor Weber: SS man Werner
  • Jürgen Trott: Schutzpolizist
  • Klaus -Jürgen Steinmann: Blockwart
  • Heike W. Reichenwallner: neighbor
  • Matthias Paul: Gestapo man

Toyland is a national and international awards, award-winning German short film of the Berlin director Jochen Alexander Freydank. The approximately 14 - minute work was produced by ' Mephisto movie' and supported with funds from the German Federal Film Board and the Media Berlin- Brandenburg. After a lot of big festivals in Germany had rejected the film, the success came at various festivals abroad. In the category of short film Toyland won the Oscar in 2009. The first broadcast on German television took place on ARD on 1 March 2009.

  • 4.1 2008
  • 4.2 2007


The film is set in 1942 in Nazi German Reich. The two boys Heinrich Meissner and David Silberstein are neighbors and friends. When David and his parents threatened than Jews deportation, attacks Henry Mother Marianne to a white lie and told her son, his friend travel with his family to Toyland. Heinrich would follow his friend there and secretly grabs his little suitcase. When the mother noticed the disappearance of her son, she is looking at the station, waiting at the Jews already in wagons to be hauled away. Heinrich is not among them, but rather the neighbor boy David with his parents. Marianne gives him as her own son. After some hesitation, handed the parents save their boys and him in this way probably life. The final scene shows that the two boys still play together in old age.


According to Freydank ensuring the film financing needed two years. The cost of production amounted to 30,000 euros. The cast and crew members were initially given no salary. The film was shot in five days in and around Berlin. First day of shooting was the 22 January 2007 the German premiere took place in the context of the Saarbrücken "Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis " exactly one year later on 22 January 2008. On January 22, 2009, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated for Oscar -known in the short film category. Again, a month later, on 22 February 2009, " Toyland " prevailed over its competitors and received the trophy.



  • Oscar for Best Short Film for Toyland
  • Washington Jewish Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Kansas City Film Festival, USA, best narrative short for Toyland
  • Phoenix Film Festival, USA, world cinema for best short Toyland
  • Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Rehoboth Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Villa Mare Film Festival, Italy, audience award for Toyland
  • Reno Film Festival, USA, best foreign movie for Toyland
  • Portland International Film Festival, USA, Audience Award (second place) for Toyland
  • Lenola Film Festival, Italy, best film "best soundtrack " for Toyland
  • Shorts at moonlight, D, audience award for Toyland
  • Anchorage Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • New Jersey Film Festival, USA, honorable mention for Toyland
  • Cleveland International Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland


  • Short Shorts Film Festival Tokyo, Japan, audience award for Toyland
  • Friedrich- Wilhelm -Murnau -Stiftung short film award for Toyland
  • Bermuda International Film Festival, Shorts Film Award for Toyland
  • Rhode Iceland International Film Festival, second place International Discovery Award for Toyland
  • Giffoni Film Festival, Italy, APEC gold award for Toyland
  • Alpinale Vorarlberg, Austria, audience award for Toyland
  • Odense International Film Festival, Danmark, best children and youth movie for Toyland
  • Anchorage International Film Festival, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, USA Audience Award for Toyland
  • Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, USA, audience award for Toyland
  • Sedicicorto - International Film Festival Forli, Italy, Best short film for Toyland
  • Asheville Film Festival, USA, Best short film for Toyland
  • Victoria Independent Film Festival, Australia, Best short under 20 minutes for Toyland
  • Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de Almería, Audience Award and Jury award for Toyland


  • Valladolid International Film Festival Official Selection, Golden Spike for Toyland



  • Filmfestival Max Ophüls Prize Short Film Competition
  • Festroia International Film Festival, Portugal
  • Brooklyn International Film Festival, USA
  • LA Shorts Film Festival, Best short film, USA
  • Best of Shorts Festival, La Ciotat, Best Film, France
  • Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Best international short film, USA


  • World Film Festival, Canada
  • Foyle Film Festival Derry ( Northern Ireland)