TPA stands for:

  • Tampa International Airport, IATA code of the airport in Florida, USA
  • Tampa Cargo, Colombian Cargo Airline ( ICAO code )
  • Test point analysis, a method for estimating the test effort
  • Terephthalic acid, an organic chemical compound and aromatic dicarboxylic acid
  • Tetradecanoyl phorbolacetat, an organic chemical compound
  • Third party access, third party access to electricity networks in the wake of the dissolution of regional monopolies
  • Tissue polypeptide antigen, a tumor marker
  • Trans Adriatic Pipeline, a pipeline carrying gas from 2012 through Greece and Albania to southern Italy to
  • Transfer Path Analysis, a method in acoustic metrology
  • Transpalatal arch, English for palatal arch, a stuck treatment device in orthodontics
  • Technical Police Office of Saxony- Anhalt
  • Veterinary Practice Assistant (name of the veterinary assistant in Switzerland)
  • Televisão Pública de Angola
  • Tripropylamine, an organic chemical compound

TPA stands for:

  • Tissue ( -type ) plasminogen activator (English), German tissue -specific plasminogen activator of fibrinolysis

Tpa stands for:

  • Tonne ( unit ) per year, English: ton per annum
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