TPP is an abbreviation for

  • Airport Tarapoto in Peru as an IATA Code
  • Tautos pažangos partija, a conservative Lithuanian party
  • Tautos Prisikėlimo Partija, a Lithuanian party
  • Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership, an international free trade agreements
  • Transportation problem, a question from the Operations Research
  • Two Photon Polymerization, a method for 3D microstructuring
  • Trans - Pacific Partnership, an agreement to copyright laws in the Pacific or a planned agreement of some Pacific Rim ( including Japan and the United States ) with the aim of containing China's growing influence

In chemistry TPP stands for:

  • Thiamine pyrophosphate, a phosphate ester of thiamine
  • Triphenylphosphine, an important ligand for the preparation of metal complexes in the chemical synthesis of
  • Triphenyl phosphate, used primarily as a plasticizer and flame retardant
  • Tetraphenylporphyrin, a porphyrin ligand


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