TR-1700-class submarine

4 more never finished

North Sea works, Emden

Since 1984

Appeared in 2115 ts Immersed 2265 ts

65 m

8.30 m

14.30 m


1 Shaft 4 x MTU diesel engines 1 x Siemens electric motor

15 knots over water 25 knots under water

12,000 nm at 8 knots on water

6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes with 22 max. torpedo payload



The class TR 1700 is a class of diesel-electric submarines of the German North Sea stations, built as an export design.


The TR 1700 is a completely new design entwickleltes, the hydroplane in contrast to the class 206 and 209 are attached to the tower, there is also the TR 1700 two decks instead of the usual one. The equipment of the boat has been designed to be flexible, so was (1400 and TR 1100 TR) versions provided a larger ( TR 1700A ) and two smaller, but never went into construction.

The only orders for the type were received from Argentina, who ordered a total of six units. The first two were built in Emden, four should be manufactured under license in Argentina. Two of these four orders were formerly TR 1400, but were later changed to TR 1700. The equipment required for the production arrived in Argentina, but the units were never completed due to budget problems.


  • Dimensions: 65 x 8.30 x 14.30 (length x width x height)
  • Displacement: 2,115 t surfaced, 2,265 t submerged
  • Propulsion: diesel-electric, 1 shaft, 8,970 hp
  • Speed: up to 25 knots
  • Diving depth: 300 meters
  • Sensors: Sonar probably modified Krupp Atlas CSU 3-4, to passive ESM, surface radar.
  • Crew: 29 men
  • Armament: Six 53.3 cm torpedo tubes, space for 16 spare torpedoes.



The two submarines in March 2007 in Mar del Plata