Trade association

A trade association is an association of businesses and other economic institutions which serve to represent the interests of members (Corporation). Relevant industry associations are also called industry association, especially as the umbrella organization of the industry - and there are also regional trade associations, political trade associations ( parteigebunde associations) and others.


The responsibilities of business organizations, it is typically as follows:

  • To be a representation of interests of member companies / industries to government agencies
  • To adopt common technical and legal standards in the industry
  • Offer support and advice to member companies

Often, the business organizations are also supporting the

  • Organization for the training of corporate employees and the
  • Professional pension works



It is in Germany as a rule, registered associations.

Membership in business associations, in contrast to the Chamber of Commerce, voluntary. The associations are classified by economic activity and summarized in umbrella organizations such as the Federation of German Industry and Commerce Association Germany. In addition, also cross-sector interest groups of the middle class, such as the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses ( BVMW ) or the Association of Family Entrepreneurs have established, ( The Family - ASU ). In part, the associations as employers' association collective bargaining partners. In the trade sector, the guilds meet the economic trade associations.