Traffic (Band)

Traffic was an English rock band from Birmingham to Steve Winwood.

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First Phase

Winwood Traffic founded after he left the Spencer Davis Group. Her debut single "Paper Sun" 1967 was a hit in England. The second single "Hole in My Shoe " was even more successful. The band consisted of four high-profile musicians who in a kind of rural commune were initially their sound: Steve Winwood (kb, gt, vc ), Dave Mason (gt, vc ), Chris Wood ( fl, sax), Jim Capaldi (drums ).

The first Traffic album Mr. Fantasy (1967 ) was, like the singles, in England successfully, but not outside. The second album, Traffic, was released in 1968. On this album shone especially Mason, who had many compositions ( eg, " Feeling Allright " ) introduced and sung. There was tension, because he did not always stand in the shadow Winwood. Mason went. After a tour in America Winwood broke up the band.

Second phase

Winwood played in Blind Faith and then began to prepare a solo album, but eventually as a new Traffic album John Barleycorn Must Die was released, which should be the most successful of the group.

In May 1971, the band around Rick Grech, Jim Gordon and Kwaku Baah Reebop extended; it was followed by other albums. The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys arrived in America in the charts, but not in England. The band broke up again, but occasionally took on new albums: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory, and When the Eagle Flies ( 1974).

Third phase

Capaldi and Winwood had solo successes, but in 1994 came a new Traffic album with Far From Home on the market. Capaldi and Winwood went back as traffic on the road, but the great success failed.

Dave Mason had some success with solo albums in Europe, but especially in America, where he moved his work. Despite outstanding virtuosity on guitar him but never managed a real breakthrough.

Chris Wood died in Birmingham (England) July 12, 1983 of pneumonia and the consequences of his alcohol and drug use. Jim Capaldi died on January 28, 2005 in London of stomach cancer.

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.


In 1967, named the previously poorly received London band The Spectres, from which later Status Quo developed to also in traffic. Winwood and his band mates were able to prevail in the end, so that the competitors the name Traffic Jam chose.


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