Traffic engineering (telecommunications)

The transport theory is a field of telecommunications. It examines the behavior of news sources and the interaction of this behavior with the news technical equipment. The clearest can the concepts of transport theory using the example of telephony explain, but the laws also apply to data traffic.

Telephone subscriber's try at different times liaise with each other. From the perspective of an observer, these attempts are usually accidental, they produce a certain amount of traffic Y. If this amount of traffic related to a specific period of time, they are called also offer A. For economic reasons, can not be sized to the news technical equipment that every conceivable offer also is processed immediately. The transport theory now defines various terms by which the plants can be dimensioned so that the blocks do not exceed acceptable levels. The establishment of this measure is arbitrary. The following variables play a role for the calculations: market value bundle ( Communications Engineering ), Rush Hour, power, loss, traffic model. The list does not claim to completeness. Some of these processes can be mapped by the queuing theory.

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