Traffic engineering (transportation)

Transportation is the totality of all social, economic and technical institutions, institutions or principles that are required for the creation of a local change process.


The Transportation has the goal of changing the spatial existence of

  • Goods (goods, services, capital, energy),
  • Persons (including tourism ) and
  • News (on the material and non-material carriers).

Transportation is an expression of the prevailing culture of mobility. It includes, for example,

  • The economic sector, " Traffic and Transportation " ( Transport Economics ) with the companies whose business activities in the creation of mobility and transport services ( eg passenger transport, freight transport, postal services, telecommunications) there as well as related industries such as like the traffic engineering, vehicle construction and Maintenance (see Public transportation ), the Intelligence is partly seen as part of the transport system, even if the communications made ​​it a largely independent of the transport complex,
  • Transport policy and traffic management,
  • The technical and organizational means to realize transport processes ( transport mode or modes of transport ), ie: Rail-bound traffic / railway, road or road transport, air transport, maritime transport, traffic management, etc.
  • The social aspects such as Mobility behavior,
  • The Transportation Sciences and its institutions and related areas ( traffic engineering, traffic operation technology, traffic engineering, transport planning, traffic psychology, traffic safety, transport sociology, traffic engineering, traffic management, etc. ),
  • The non-technical or non-public transport and other modes of transport ( eg motorized individual, Internal transport / traffic / industrial traffic, pedestrians and cyclists ).

A quantitative investigation of transport can be done with the transport quality.

Transportation in the vernacular

In contrast to the technical term " Transportation " means the technical term " transport " the process of relocation of goods, people and news. The difference: Transportation is a necessary prerequisite, so that transport processes can run. However, in the vernacular of the " traffic in the Federal Republic " or the " traffic in the 19th century " is mentioned, so is therefore usually the Transportation meant. So traffic is the colloquial short form of the technical term " transportation ", but not synonymous.

Find the local process of change taking place to alter the spatial existence of people and goods, one speaks of the transport or the transport process.

In the GDR, the Department of Transportation was called " Ministry of Transport ".