Traffic Giant

In the computer game The Traffic Giant, players assume the role of a private or public transport operator. Aim of the game is to build a viable and profitable transport network with the help of buses, trams, suburban trains, lifts and magnetic levitation. To this end, he has to buy cars, build stops and lay rails. After that, the individual lines must be defined. This game was developed and distributed by JoWooD. Later, a Gold Edition was released with additional maps and missions. Contrary to previous announcements appeared no successor version of JoWooD. As the successor developed by Colossal Order Cities in Motion is viewed.


The traffic giant uses graphics as an isometric view of the city, which is neither rotating nor tilted. However, the buildings are faded out. The graphics are very detailed, even the way the lines are clearly defined.

Map Editor

The game also has a map editor, but it is not easy to use it. Originally, it was not planned to publish it, but this was finally made ​​at the urging of fans.

There are many finished cards. Vehicles can not be created, it must be made to the default. You can, however, create new buildings.