Tragus (ear)

As the small tragus cartilage in the ear is called that just before the ear canal ( external acoustic meatus ) rests and often bears a tuft of hair. He opposes the anti-tragus, which ( auriculae lobule ) up to the anti - helix, and down into the earlobe to continue.

It is also known under the name " goat ". The tragus is also popular place for a piercing, see tragus piercing.

In humans, this part of the body is not muscular movement. In some animals, such as in some species of bats, it is functional and can close as ear cover the ear canal.

Sardinian Long-eared with significantly enlarged tragus

Diseases with symptoms on tragus

In an otitis externa, the typical Tragus pressure pain, in addition to the pain shows the train on the earlobe. Thus, the disease can be demarcated from the acute otitis media ( AOM ), with no pressure or arises Zugschmerz.

In patients with cholesteatoma sometimes enough pressure on the tragus in order to trigger a vertigo attack can.