Tramore (Irish Trá Mhór, means " great beach " ) is a coastal city in the southeast of Ireland in County Waterford. It is located 13 km from Waterford City and 6 km from Waterford Airport. On the slope of the Tramore Bay located northeast bounding hill, one has from the higher parts of the city a very pretty view over the bay. The long sandy beach is in the middle of the inlet to a lagoon which interrupted Cul Trá (Back beach ).

City ​​History

Worth seeing is the neo-Gothic church Tramores, which was built from 1856 to 1871 under the direction of JJ McCarthy. Until the development of the city over the construction of a railway line in 1893 Tramore was a small fishing village, nothing of its charm is likely to be present today. The city has since been discovered as a tourist destination and experienced in the following a relative boom. The railway line was there originally just 7 miles ( 12 km ) long and connected with no other rail network. She led from the station to the terminus in Tramore Waterford.

Today's cityscape

Tramore is now a typical tourist destination with the corresponding city. The city offers a three- mile sandy beach, a promenade with food stalls and a small amusement park. Tramore is known also for its excellent surfing area. Founded in 1967 T - Bay Surf Club has produced several national and international surfing professionals.

Famous landmark of the city is known as the Metal Man. The installation consists of three on the cliffs to the west of the bay built columns and a person standing on it, looking seawards metallic figure, the "Metal Man". It was erected in 1823 by Lloyd 's of London to mariners warning of shoals. Two other columns were, but without popular namesakes, situated in the east on Brownstown Head (towards Dunmore East).


The city is famous for its more than 200 years -find place in August horse racing festival. While the horse racing was formerly held on the beach, it was later moved into a multi-purpose trail that has been continuously expanded and improved over time. Today, the site is also used for other events and celebrations. Another important event in the summer is the Trá festival, a street music festival, which is very popular in Ireland. It is the largest festival of its kind in the southeast of Ireland.