The Trans - Caprivi Highway, and Trans Caprivi, ( German: Trans- Caprivi Highway ) is the name for a trunk road connection between Walvis Bay on the Namibian coastline and Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

The Trans - Caprivi Highway was named after the Namibian Caprivi region and after the Caprivi Strip, through the results the most important section of the route. Caprivi with its capital Katima Mulilo was difficult to achieve until the completion of the highway in 2004 by land from West and Central Namibia. Largest natural obstacles are the Okavango and Cuando, traverse the rivers the Caprivi Strip from north to south. These rivers are now spanned by the Baganibrücke and Kongolabrücke. In each case, the only river crossings on hundreds of kilometers. Since the completion of the Katima Mulilo Bridge over the Zambezi River, Namibia has a good direct connections to the Central African neighboring Zambia, while Zambia has received a quick access to the international port in Walvis Bay on the Trans - Caprivi Highway.