Transmission balise-locomotive

TBL stands for " Transmissie beacon Locomotief " / " Balise Transmission - Locomotive ", a Belgian train control system. There is a variant as a point-like train control system ( TBL1 ) and a variant as a line-shaped train control system ( TBL2 ). The system consists of a track -side beacon at each signal and a vehicle unit.


TBL1 is a point-like train control system, which is installed on about 13 % of the Belgian railway network. TBL1 causes in addition to the functions of Crocodile Emergency brake applied improperly passing the STOP field-side main signal.


This system is a temporary solution, to facilitate the migration to the European Train Control System ETCS. In this system, the same signal terms are transmitted as TBL1 and interpreted by the vehicle in the same way. As a transmission path from the track to the vehicle but eurobalises come as the ETCS system used. In the vehicle, a Balise Transmission Module must only be completed as a receiver, the rest of the TBL electronics remain unchanged. The TBL1 signal terms are transmitted via bits that are reserved for national applications (specifically, over packages with identification number 44). TBL1 - and therefore ETCS signaling concepts can be transmitted over the same eurobalise. As an extension of TBL1 is located 300 meters from the main signal another beacon that at signal at a speed of more than 40 km / h also triggers an emergency brake.

2015 Infrabel would have equipped the entire route network with TBL1 , accelerated by the misfortune of Buizingen.


The TBL2 is a system for cab signaling. It is so far exclusively on the new line Liège (Liège ) - Leuven ( Louvain) used. In all subsequent Belgian high- speed lines ETCS Level 2 is planned. The cab is displayed:

  • Maximum speed (braking curve)
  • Target speed
  • Distance to target
  • Train speed
  • Operating mode
  • Auxiliary indicators

TBL2 monitored:

  • Line speed
  • Speed ​​restrictions ( permanent and temporary)
  • Specific restrictions for freight and other trains
  • Halt
  • Dynamic braking profile
  • Direction of travel

In terms of ETCS TBL is a Class B system.