Transneft (Russian Транснефть ) is a state-owned Russian company with headquarters in Moscow, which operates the oil pipelines in the country. The company is listed on the RTS index.

Transneft was established in 1993 and today has the world's largest pipeline system with a total length of almost 50,000 kilometers. Head of the company was from September 1999 to September 2007 Semyon Weinstock.

The new route of the planned oil pipeline from eastern Siberia to the Pacific provides the ability to pump more oil through the line. This opinion Alexei Varlamov, Russia's deputy minister of Natural Resources, at the Economic Forum on Lake Baikal. Since the new route runs over oil and gasfündige areas in the north and in the east of Russia, are likely to have additional oil and gas volumes, he said. The first Bauroute had to be postponed for environmental reasons, away from Lake Baikal. The first strand of the oil line to be built between Taischet and Skovorodino. Your passage capacity is planned at 30 million tons a year. Parallel to develop an oil terminal in the Russian Pacific Primorye. In the second stage, a strand of Skovorodino after Kosmino to be laid up with a gate capacity of 50 million tonnes, with the passage of power Taischet - Skovorodino pipeline is expected to rise to 80 million tons.

2007, the company got into the media coverage due to supply shortages.