Transport in Vatican City#Road vehicles

The Vatican City has its own designation system. Since not even 500 motor vehicles are allowed in the Vatican, one meets very rarely on a vehicle from the smallest state in the world, and if anything, most likely in Rome. There are two allocation patterns in the Vatican:

Service vehicles carry on the white flag, the black letters SCV for Stato della Città del Vaticano or Status Civitatis Vaticanae ( German: State of the Vatican City ), followed by an equally distinctive black number. In the past, signs with SCV appeared on. The most famous is the Popemobile, the official vehicle of the Pope. Worldwide there are about 60 of them total piece, but all carrying the same tag SCV 1.

There are also indicators for the citizens and employees of the Vatican, starting with CV for Vatican City and otherwise identical to the above structure. For motorcycles and tractors and other machinery of the Vatican are from two-line signs.

The nationality mark V is extremely rare to observe due to the relatively unique identifiers on vehicles.

For the letters SCV of the People's joke has found the following statement: " Si Christ vidisset " / " Se Cristo vedesse " ( " when Christ should see that " ) - and in the reversal of the letter: " vi caccerebbe subito " ( " he would you immediately to Devil hunt ").