Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration ( TSA; German Transportation Security Administration ) is an American federal agency within the portfolio of the Ministry of Internal Security, based in Pentagon City, Arlington County, Virginia, and serves the public safety in traffic. It was created due to the law the Aviation and Transportation Security Act 2001 and confirmed by the 107th Congress. She belonged to the end of February 2003 for the Ministry of Transport. 43,000 people are currently employed here, the Transportation officers are equipped with police powers.

Agency head John S. Pistole since July 2010. The budget for the financial year 2007 amounted to 4.751 billion U.S. dollars.

The object of the TSA is to maintain public safety on highways, trains of all kinds, ports (also abroad) and 450 airports nationwide (the latter to a lesser extent by private security services as part of a so-called screening partnership program). The range of tasks includes activities in the fight against terrorism, Illegal Immigration, prohibited items (eg, explosives, weapons) and much more.

For TSA includes Federal Air Marshal Service ( FAMS ).


In the course of extensive controls, it always comes back to cases in which the proportionality of such searches is also provided by the media in question, such as in the control of (small) children, elderly or disabled people.