Travan is a historic, based on QIC technology magnetic tape system for backup (Backup ) and the preservation of computer data, primarily designed for workstations and small servers.

The first 1995 placed on the market versions of Travan cartridges offered about 400 MB and 800 MB compressed. In the most powerful variant, TR -7 (also: Travan 40) can 20 GB of data (uncompressed, with active hardware compression on average 40 GB) are sec archived at a data transfer rate of up to 2 Mbytes / on a single plug-in module.

The Travan technology is superior to other tape technologies such as DLT and AIT advised for various reasons behind:

  • The Travan TR -7 version offered only 20 GB capacity per cartridge, DDS -5, however, 36 GB and 200 GB AIT.
  • The open design of Travan drives and the recording type ( serpentine on parallel data tracks ) lead to a loud operating noise.
  • Travan Cartridges were formatted at the factory. If the formatting destroyed ( by strong magnetic fields around ), the cartridge is useless.
  • Travan cartridges were about three times more expensive than DDS cartridges similar capacity.
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