The Travel Card is a single or multi- day ticket for unlimited use of public transport in London at a discounted package price. It applies to the London Underground network, London Underground, London Overground, all red buses with the Tube logo, in part, the night buses and many suburban trains of the National Rail in the area of Greater London, the tram network of Tramlink and the Docklands Light Railway. You also get on presentation of the card a discount in the Thames waterway.

There are cards for central London (Zones 1-2, "small" Travel Card ) for the whole areas of London including Heathrow Airport (zones 1-6, "big" Travel Card ) and various other zone combinations for a period of one or seven days. Furthermore, there are "Season Travel Cards "; these are then valid for periods longer than 7 days and usually require a "Photo Card" ( customer card with passport photo) to the exhibition.

The Travel Card is already booked in advance in the local travel agent or online. If you buy locally, for example, upon arrival at the airport or at all subway stations in London, Travel Cards are also issued or may be purchased from the vending machine. Also apply to the travel card prices increased during rush hour: for example, costs a Day Travelcard (valid for one day) for zones 1-6 Monday to Friday from 04:30 bis 09:30 clock clock (peak time, high traffic and time) £ 15.80. From 09:30 clock ( off-peak time, -peak time ) costs the same card £ 8.90. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there are not these so-called peak time price differences. (November 2012).

For the small Travel Card can be purchased at the ticket counter in the terminal ticket zones 3-6, which are slightly cheaper than the tickets at the vending machine.

The one-day travel card is available as a classic ticket with imprint of the applicable zones and validity period. From a validity of 7 days travelcard from Transport for London is set out in an Oyster card.

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