Traveling (basketball)

A step error is an infraction, mostly in ball sports such as basketball or handball.

For example, if a player gets the ball, he has several options. He can continue to fit, throw or start to dribble ( ball repeatedly play with the ground) of the ball. Basically, he can even two steps without dribbling (there are handball three) run. Most of the players used this to settle by the enemy and to make a layup for a basket toss. One form of step error would be now if the player would make too many steps without dribbling.

A second form of the step error refers to the leg of the player. If the player catches the ball while landing on the ground, it depends on which leg was the first on the ground. This is also the mainstay. To this leg, the player can rotate as often as he would like. If he raises, however, the first leg without having dribbled, then this is also a violation, and the referee had to step errors.

  • Handball rule
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