Treaty of Gaeta

The Treaty of Gaeta was a closed in Gaeta on March 26, 1451 political agreement between Alfonso V and two ambassadors Skanderbegs: Stefan, Bishop of Kruja and Nikolle de Berguçi. In the agreement, Skanderbeg should recognize as a vassal of Alfonso, to compensate, he would protect the League of Lezha in front of the Ottoman Empire.

Terms of the agreement

The agreement was signed by Skanderbeg required to ensure the protection of Albania and the League of Lezha against the Ottoman Empire. Although Alfonso himself had agreed to the deal, signed the contract Arnaldo Fonolleda. The two Albanian ambassadors were bishops: Stefan was a bishop of the Orthodox Churches and de Nikolle Berguçi one of the Roman Catholic Church.

The agreement stipulated that Alfonso was obliged to defend every Albanian city under threat if the Albanians needed military aid from the Kingdom of Naples. In return Skanderbeg should make an oath of allegiance to the Crown of Aragon. Once Albania was liberated from the Turkish invasion, Skanderbeg should pay tribute to him and the Crown of Aragon recognize this, although he would retain its autonomy and self-government. The last point of the agreement was that Skanderbeg salt should only buy from the warehouses Alfonso instead of the Ottoman Empire at the same price as the Ottomans.


After Alfonso had this treaty with Skanderbeg, he signed similar agreements with other Albanian rulers: Gjergj Arianiti, Gjin Muzaka, Pal Dukagjini, Peter Spani, Pjeter of Himara, Simon Zanebisha and others.