Treaty of Washington (1900)

The Treaty of Washington was born on November 7, 1900 between the Kingdom of Spain and the U.S. in Washington DC closed. He was a supplement to the Treaty of Paris in 1898, which had ended the Spanish-American War. The agreement took effect on 23 March 1901 in force when it has been ratified by both nations. Content specified the contract the Article III of the Treaty of Paris ( 1898). His text was:

"Spain renounces in favor of the USA on all claims that had been there during the signing of the Treaty of Paris had supposedly order in relation to islands of the Philippines, as they have been described in Article III. In particularly the case for the islands of Cagayan Sulu and Sibutu and dazugehörogen Islands. [ Spain ] agreed fully in Berein that these islands in the cession of the island group [ are common to the Philippines ] under this heading. "

The U.S. pledged to the payment of U.S. $ 100,000 ( € 2,975,000 ) within six months after the ratification of the consideration for the waiver.