Tree of Hippocrates

The Tree of Hippocrates (Greek Πλάτανος του Ιπποκράτη ) is an Oriental plane (Platanus orientalis L.) on the platia Platanou ( Πλατεία Πλατάνου ) in Kos town on the Greek Dodekanesinsel Kos. The tree is named after the ancient physician Hippocrates of Kos.

Platia Platanou (, plane space ')

The elevated position platia Platanou (also Odos Finikon Οδός Φοινίκων Λεωφόρος των Φοινίκων ) bounded on the north side of Palm Boulevard Leoforos ton Finikon, from where space is accessed via a staircase. To the east of the administration building of Kos province lies ( Επαρχείο της Κω ) and southwest of the Loggia Mosque ( Τζαμί της Λότζιας ) also Gazi Hasan Paşa Mosque ( Τζαμί του Γαζή Χασάν Πασά ). On the north side of the bridge begins to St. John fortress Neratzia ( Κάστρο της Νερατζιάς ). The ruins of the ancient Agora joins south. The Tree of Hippocrates stands in the middle of the square and is surrounded by a wall with a railing.

On the north side of an antique sarcophagus Walling was transformed into a fountain during the Ottoman rule. The Arabic inscription characterizes the water as water of Hippocrates.

On the southern side opposite the Loggia Mosque, a well house is also from the Ottoman era. The roof is supported by seven columns with Corinthian capitals.

Root of the Hippocrates plane tree


The stem diameter at the base 4.70 m, the circumference is 10.5 m and the crown diameter at about 18 m. Due to insect and fungal infection of the trunk is completely eroded. The sapwood has a maximum thickness of 10-15 cm.


The physician Hippocrates is said to have planted the sycamore and his disciples taught the art of medicine under the tree. Thus, they would have an age of more than 2400 years. The Apostle Paul is said to have taught 57 AD Christianity to another tradition under the sycamore.

Today's tree is due to the life expectancy of more than 500 years old. Therefore, it is assumed that it is an offshoot of the original tree. A correct age determination is no longer possible due to the lack of heartwood.

Since the disintegration of the tree growing stronger and the sweeping branches threatened to cancel their own weight or the wind, struck the Forest Service before 1975 protection measures to maintain. Since then, the sweeping branches are partially supported by a skeleton.

By decree ( 180324/6701/30 Αυγ.1985 ( ΦΕΚ 589 T.Β 2-10-85 ) the plane was made in 1985 as a natural monument by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development under protection.