Treffelstein is a municipality in the Upper Palatinate district of Cham and a member of the administrative community Tiefenbach.

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Geographical Location

Geographically Treffelstein borders in the east to the Czech Republic with the nearby border crossing hell, in the southwest is the Silver Lake and the north- west side the village Tiefenbach, which forms an administrative community with Treffelstein.

Community structure

The municipality has 18 Treffelstein officially named districts:

  • Altenried
  • Bibersbach
  • Birkhof
  • Brown mill
  • Edlmühl
  • Fürstenhof
  • Kleeberg
  • Kleinsteinlohe
  • Kritzenthal
  • Lintlhammer
  • Mouse tower
  • Sagmuhle
  • Schladerlmühle
  • Steinlohe
  • Stratsried
  • Treffelstein
  • Witzel mill
  • Zweifelhof

There are 3 districts on the territory of the municipality Treffelstein: T., beaver creek and Steinlohe. The latter district is shared with the neighboring village of Tiefenbach.


The town was the seat of Hofmark Treffelstein. She was in possession of the Rornstetter ( 1454-1505 ), the Berlachingen ( 1585 to mid-17th century ), those of Sazenhofen ( 1679 to early 1730s ) as well as those of Reisach ( 1759 to the early 19th century ).


On 1 May 1978, until then independent municipality Bibersbach was incorporated.


Coat of arms

Blazon: About silver sign foot with three red strips, diagonally divided by gold and black, above a green branch with three leaves, below a silver wheel fünfspeichiges The emblem has been used since 1983.

Culture and sights


Landmark of the municipality is the dragon tower, the keep of the castle Treffelstein, on the highest point of the village. This is the last remnant of a castle, which was built around the 11th century. Today, the 15 -foot-high tower provides a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The church "appearance of the Lord " is the second fixed point of the community structure. This was built in 1934 as an expansion involving the existing church. Noteworthy is mainly an oil painting on the left side inside the church, which is the worship of the Lord after the birth in Bethlehem by the three wise men.

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Greenspace and recreational

Two kilometers west of Treffelstein will find the large recreational area of the silver lake with opportunities for swimming, camping, water sports (windsurfing and sailing) and fishing. There is a trail with information boards and in the winter opportunity for ice skating and curling. On the shore and around the lake there are hiking trails.


  • DJK Treffelstein e.V.
  • Dragon Tower Club e.V. Treffelstein
  • FC Treffelstein e.V.
  • Women's Federation Treffelstein
  • Volunteer Fire Bibersbach
  • Volunteer Fire Treffelstein
  • Kinderfreunde Treffelstein
  • Horticultural Association Treffelstein
  • RuKK Treffelstein e.V.
  • Shooting club " Drachenfels " Treffelstein

Economy and infrastructure

In addition to the economic life of retail, trade and services are in Treffelstein also a tourist offer.