• For the German lawyer and librarian see Heinrich Treplin.
  • For the prosecutor and the Senate President on the imperial court Treplin Ludwig (1834-1924) see Ludwig Treplin.

Treplin is a municipality in the district of Mark- or country.

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Treplin is on the Lebuser plateau, a forest - and water-rich ground moraine at the edge of Oderbruchs, about 70 km east of Berlin.

Neighboring communities

East of Treplin is Booßen, a district of Frankfurt ( Oder). In the west and north, the municipality Zeschdorf borders. In the south, the municipality of Jacob village is situated.


With the advance of askanischen Marquis trade routes were transferred to a line further south. This route ran over Muencheberg - Frankfurt (Oder) - Poznan. Along this line, there were a number of start-ups of new settlements. With the help of the locators Ascanians enlisted settlers. The first settlements from around 1250 had mostly a size of 64 hooves, four of which belonged to the Church, so also in Treplin, and were usually the name of the locator or first lords. To Treplin created in this way some villages, such as the nearby Pillgram or bending. Place names, which sound Slavic, but can not always be to a conclusion on previous colonization, as the German settlers also made ​​these names partially own, especially in villages and towns, which were close to water, as in the example Niederjesar or Hohenjesar.

The first written mention of the village dates back to April 18, 1341 when the brothers find gherardo & hinrico trepelin presbyteris in an appellation. The name changed its spelling in subsequent years only little: Treppelyn ( 1460 ), Trippelin, Treppelin ( 1624).

1755 began between Treplin and Peter Hagen, the first coal in the Mark Brandenburg dismantle. These were to brown coal, which was mined by open pit. This coal mining ended in 1960 when the pit "Sophie" was closed.

Culture and sights

In the list of monuments in Treplin are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.


In Treplin the German Telekom AG operates a transmission facility for FM radio and DVB -T. As Antennträger is a 185.1 meter high guyed steel lattice mast is used, which was built in 1994. In addition, located on the site of some antennas for shortwave, probably added from the GDR era. Radio amateurs to operate on the grounds of their club station.

In the village there is a church with a stork's nest on the eastern apse, a local history museum and a water mill ruin.

The church of the 19th century was badly damaged in World War II and by removing building material in the postwar period, so she was a ruin until 2002. The steeple was repaired again in the postwar years. 2003 tower and church roof redone, the interior work is planned. In the region known is the " Christmas Market in the Church" on the 1st Sunday of Advent.

In a small, newly built community center next to the church, there is the church hall, where usually the worship and other community work take place, also a community kitchen and sanitary facilities.


Treplin is in a nature reserve, the Treplin -Alt- Zeschdorfer Fließtal. There are two lakes in a wooded valley.

Economy and infrastructure


Treplin is located on the main road 5, which further leads coming from Berlin to Frankfurt ( Oder). The nearest railway station is located in the village nine kilometers south Jacob ( Berlin and Frankfurt ( Oder) ).


  • Alfred Solomon (1910-2006), pastor