TrES -2 is an exoplanet, the yellow dwarf GSC 03549-02811 every 2.471 days orbits and is classified as a hot Jupiter. Due to its high mass is assumed that it is a gas planet. Often, the planet is also known as TrES -2b and its host star as TrES -2. The object was by Francis O'Donovan et al. discovered in 2006 using the transit method.

Circulation and mass

The planet orbits its star at a distance of about 0.0367 astronomical units at an eccentricity of 0% and has a mass of about 406.9 Earth masses and 1.28 Jupiter masses.


On 11 August 2011 it was announced that TrES -2b has an exceptionally low albedo of less than 1% and thus less light is reflected as coal (albedo 3-5%). This is the smallest yet measured albedo of an exoplanet. These measurements were performed by the Kepler space telescope as TrES -2b is random in its field of view.