Tretyakovskaya (Moscow Metro)

Tretyakovskaya (Russian Третьяковская (debate? / I ), scientific transliteration Tretjakovskaja ) is the name of a metro station of the Moscow Metro. This is a combined breakpoint of Kaluschsko - Rischskaja and the Kalininskaja - line, for the latter, it is currently the western terminus. The subway station was put into operation on 3 January 1971 at the time, but only the southern concourse was built and the station was originally called Nowokusnezkaja. It was only on January 25, 1986 was completed in the northern hall as part of the Western extension of the Kalininskaja - line, at the same time the now combined station was given its present name.

General Description

The 46 meters under the ground -based and consists of two separate platform halls Tretyakovskaya station is located in the southern center of Moscow, right in the historic village Samoskworetschje. Metro Station was named after the art collector Pavel Tretyakov, founded in 1867, whose art gallery a few minutes' walk away from the subway station.

Similar to the Moscow subway stations Kitai -Gorod and Kashirskaya is also at Tretyakovskaya in construction to a single subway station, which is served by two lines. The two separate, but applied in parallel and on the same level platform halls finished in one direction departing or arriving from a direction trains from both lines. At the southern platform trains to the Kaluschsko - Rischskaja Line northbound trains as well as the Kalininskaja - line towards the east, while on the northern platform trains to the Kaluschsko - Rischskaja - line to the south and border lines of Kalininskaja line coming from the east. West of the latter exist the station sidings and reversing installations, and there is plans for years a further extension of the West Kalininskaja line, which Tretyakovskaya would no longer be a terminus for the line.

Through the handling of trains of two lines at the same platform results without changing the platform for passengers the option of switching to another line. Furthermore, it is of Tretyakovskaya from an interchange with the station Nowokusnezkaja Samoskworezkaja line. For this purpose, each exists an access from both the South and from the North platform of Tretyakovskaya. The transition between the two platform halls the Tretyakovskaya is located in the central area of the two platforms; there each perform several flights of stairs. The outputs escalators are located at the western end of the platform halls and lead to a common intermediate level, from which one enters through an underpass to the exit.


In contrast to Kitai -Gorod, the next northern station of the Kaluschsko - Rischskaja - line at Tretyakovskaya the two platforms were not built at the same time, but the northern platform was only later, 15 years later than the Southern Railway Terminal added. For this reason, the architecture of the two buildings is markedly different from each other. The 1971 completed the South Hall was carried out of that era, very factual and unadorned: Essentially, this is a natural process for the Moscow metro standard design with two parallel rows wide of square pylons, with white marble from the Urals region are covered. The lighting of the hall is based on a continuous series of lights that are hidden behind the cornice above the pylons.

In contrast, the native of the 1986 North station hall on decorative elements directly in line with the culturally significant location of the subway station ( near the historic city center of Moscow and the Tretyakov Gallery ) were performed. The white marble pylons also go directly into an arched vault, the floor is made of gray and red granite slabs. The walls above the tracks are covered with pink marble and additionally decorated with bronze reliefs which depict several famous Russian painter.