Trevor Coker

Trevor Ivan Coker (born 1 October 1949 in Wanganui, † August 23, 1981 ) was a New Zealand rower who won two Olympic medals in the eights.

At the Olympic Games in 1972 at the Rowing Course near Munich, the German rower from the West came as the defending champion and in from the east as the reigning world champion. The New Zealand eight had won at the World Cup 1970 bronze. 1972 by the bronze roller were still Dick Joyce, Wybo Veldman, John Hunter, Gary Robertson and Simon Dickie coxswain in the boat. Along with Lindsay Wilson, Athol Earl and Tony Hurt Trevor Coker was new. The New Zealanders won in the final with nearly three seconds ahead of the Americans, who came to the target from the GDR just ahead of the boat.

At the World Championships in 1974 and 1975, the New Zealanders each won bronze, with only Wilson, Earl and Coker were from the 1972 boat at two World Cups. For the 1976 Olympics on the Bassin Olympique Montreal also Hurt and Dickie returned to the roller, the roller New Zealand won as in the two previous World Championships bronze medal.

Trevor Coker died in 1981 of a brain tumor.