Trevor Graham

Trevor Graham ( born August 20, 1963) is a born in Jamaica former athlete and active for years in the United States Track & Field Coach.

In 1988 Graham at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul in part and Jamaica was 400 m relay used in preliminary heats of the 4 ×. He trained many world-class athletes who won numerous medals in national and international championships, including the Sprinter Justin Gatlin, Shawn Crawford and Tim Montgomery. He also coached the doping convicted putter Cottrell J. Hunter and the sprinter Marion Jones, former wife of Hunter and now married to Montgomery, who stated in October 2007 that he had received from Graham doping agent THG.

Until August 2006 eleven supervised by him of doping athletes were accused, with some athletes transferred or were confessed. In the remaining still under investigation or the blocking procedures have not been completed.

The name Trevor Graham also played a role in 2003 uncovered the BALCO affair, which developed into one of the biggest doping scandals have become known. Apparently even the versions that Graham athletes had their doping agent of the company BALCO -related.

Trevor Graham had in 2003 - anonymously - sent the not previously detectable doping substance tetrahydrogestrinone (GHG ) to the national U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. After the analysis of the substance it was the first time able to, can, with GHG doped athletes. About the reasons why Trevor Graham, the anti-doping agency leaked the substance to speculation entwine. It is likely that Graham had fallen out with the BALCO executives.

In November 2006, an investigation was initiated against Graham, in which he was alleged to have been guilty in the BALCO investigation in three cases of false statement to investigators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At first hearings, he denied the allegations, and it was indicted. On 15 July 2008, the United States Anti-Doping Agency Trevor Graham withdrew the trainer's license for life. In October 2008 he was sentenced to house arrest and fined for perjury.


  • Athletics coach
  • Athlete (Jamaica )
  • Sprinter
  • Born in 1963
  • Man