Triathlon at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics

In the Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore 2010, three competitions were held in triathlon from 15 to 19 August. The competitions were held in East Coast Park.

Competition conditions

Single Race

In the individual race, the athletes had 750 m swim, 20 km bike and run 5 km. This gives a total distance of 25.75 km.

Mixed team

The team consisted of two boys and two girls each. Each athlete had a team 250 m swim, 7 km bike and 1.7 km run. Overall, the athletes had so 1 km swim, 28 km bike and 6.8 km run. This gives a total distance of 35.8 km.

Single race (boys )

The competition was held on August 16.

  • Germany Tobias Klesen finished in 14th place with 57:14,23

Single race (girls)

The competition was held on 15 August.

  • Germany Marlene Gomez finished with 1:02:27,79 7th place

Mixed team

The competition was held on 19 August.

  • Hungary Eszter Dudás
  • Portugal Miguel Valente Fernandes
  • Israel Fanny Beisaron
  • Australia Ellie Salthouse
  • Australia Michael Gosman
  • New Zealand Maddie Dillon
  • New Zealand Aaron Barclay
  • United States Kelly Whitley
  • United States Kevin McDowell
  • Adriana Barraza Mexico
  • Argentina Lautaro Díaz