Tribune Tower

41.89043 - 87.62367Koordinaten: 41 ° 53 'N, 87 ° 37 ' W

The Tribune Tower is a neo-Gothic skyscraper built in 1925 in Chicago (Illinois ). He has the address 435 North Michigan Avenue and is located on the Chicago River and at the beginning of the Magnificent Mile. It is now used by the Chicago Tribune, the Tribune Company and CNN. ( Not to be confused with the New York Tribune Building. )


1922 wrote the Chicago Tribune worldwide competition for its new headquarters from which no less than " the most beautiful and eye -catching building in the world" - should be - the most beautiful building in the world. There have been awarded in prize money total of $ 100,000, of which the first prize was to receive $ 50,000.

Of the more than 260 entries, including Walter Gropius, ultimately, the neo-Gothic design by Raymond Hood and John Mead Howell, the architects of the American Radiator Building won in New York (now Bryant Park Hotel). They provided a neo-Gothic skyscraper with buttresses at the top, inspired by the first major neo-Gothic skyscraper, the Woolworth Building built in 1913 in New York and the Cathedral of Rouen.

The design which, inter alia, by many experts, by Louis Sullivan, was regarded as the best in the competition, only reached the second place: the radically simplified, modern tower design by the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. He became the model for the next generation of skyscrapers in the twenties and thirties.

Construction began in 1923, two years later the building was completed.


The Tribune Tower has 36 floors and a height of 141 m.

A special feature is the base of the building is, are embedded in the stones of various other famous buildings, including from the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Notre Dame de Paris, the Berlin Wall and, most recently, the World Trade Center in New York. These stones are all at street level and can be viewed by passers-by as they protrude a short distance from the outside wall and are labeled. Inside the building is further exhibited a moon stone that could not be built into the outer wall, as it is the property of NASA.