Trier Arena

The Arena Trier is a multi-purpose hall of the city of Trier.


TBB Trier ( BBL, since 2003) DJK / MJC Trier ( HBF, since 2003) PST Trier ( handball) DAV Trier ( climbing)

The main hall has 4,500 seats and has a maximum capacity of 8,000 spectators. The hall was opened in 2003 and is the home ground of League basketball team TBB Trier and the Women's Handball Bundesliga DJK / MJC Trier. In addition, there are regular concerts and television broadcasts, including Understand fun?, In Arena. Find Every year 75 to 80 major events with a total of 180000-210000 visitors. The record is held Xavier Naidoo with 8,200 spectators. Otherwise, the Hall of schools and of other professional sports clubs will be used. Contracted a usage rate of more than 50 percent for school and recreational sports is fixed. The side hall contains, among other things, a climbing wall and is used at major events to catering and technical purposes.

The interior of the main hall can be divided several times if necessary, and flexibility to adapt extendable and retractable bleachers at the given usage.

In the side rooms of the hall are the branch of the operating company Castel Trier GmbH, the fan shop and the office of the TBB Trier, the sports department of the city of Trier, the Bistrorante " Laola " and the production of the civil radio station OK54.