Trillian (software) (OS X) January 7, 2013 (Android) November 14, 2013

2.1.9 (iOS ) June 20, 2013 ( Blackberry) October 26, 2011

Trillian is a multi- protocol client Cerulean Studios for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The Linux version is still in the beta phase. There is still a client independent web version ( access via web browser). This makes it possible to communicate over different protocols with people who use other instant messengers or social networks.

With the currently available versions can communicate with users of instant messaging networks Astra, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, XMPP, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and IRC via text chat. The Astra network are also audio and video chat, as well as in Yahoo Webcam broadcasts possible. Furthermore, the social networks like Facebook, including the support Facebook Chat, MySpace, Twitter, Foursquare, the VZ networks and LinkedIn. Also Bonjour can be used with the supplied plug-in. In addition, there are other plugins for other protocols, such as Novell GroupWise Messenger.

The program was named after Tricia ( Marie) McMillan, called Trillian, a main character from the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The program is written in C and C .

  • 2.1 encryption
  • 2.2 Instant Lookup
  • 2.3 conversation history
  • 2.4 Hidden Emoticons
  • 2.5 synchronization

Plugins and Skins

Plugins are both by Cerulean Studios itself ( such as a built-in spell checker (Spell Check), a mini-browser for viewing AIM profiles in HTML format and most network plugins ( ICQ, AIM, Skype, WLM, Jabber, Yahoo Bonjour ) ) and created by independent programmers in the community. Examples of the former include the Skype plug-in, for the latter an audio player ( Trilly Tunes ) and various plugins by Cerulean Studios provided, but outdated plugins replace (eg testing of POP3 and IMAP mailboxes for new messages (My mail), an RSS Feed Reader (Good News), a translator and various games ). On the Cerulean Studios website you will find a list of many plugins, and more are to be found among others in the plugin area of ​​the official forum.

Chat histories are stored as xml and txt files and synchronize with other devices connected simultaneously. Customers with an active Pro License can also chronicle the online store and retrieve from anywhere.

Also different skins are available for the Windows version, with which the appearance of the user interface can be changed. Most of these skins have also been developed by members of the community Trillian. Many skins for free download can be found on the official website and in the forum skin area.


  • Green and blue for Astra
  • Blue and Red for Google Talk
  • Light Green for ICQ
  • Blue for Windows Live Messenger
  • Red for Yahoo! Messenger
  • Orange for AIM
  • Purple for XMPP
  • Light gray and purple for MySpaceIM
  • Blue and Light Blue for Facebook
  • Light gray for IRC
  • Orange and dark gray for Bonjour
  • Cyan for Skype

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If both calling parties are using Trillian, it is encrypted via ICQ and AIM possible with SecureIM to chat. Here, a 128- bit Blowfish encryption is being used. When chatting on the Astra network encrypted transmission is generally used. Encryption with Off- the-Record Messaging ( OTR) is only possible by third-party plugin. This plugin is deprecated and no longer works correctly with current versions.

Instant Lookup

Conversation history

Trillian Pro supports online store all conversations in the free desktop versions, these are locally stored as a txt and xml files and license request with the Astra server synchronized with the acquisition of a Pro.

Hidden Emoticons

Since version 2.0 Pro, there are some, including animated emoticons that are not visible in the normal list. After entering certain character combinations ( eg, < :) and O :-) ) appear the emoticons in the chat window.


The various Trillian clients (such as mobile and PC) can be operated simultaneously. About the Trillian server settings (such as user list ) and the messages on the various platforms are synchronized. Thus, a communication that was started on a device or on the web, be continued seamlessly on another. In the mobile version of the connection is to the networks on the server also maintained when the cellular connection is briefly interrupted. About a pause mode it can even be maintained at the off mobile device for several hours.

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