The three mountain is a term used in heraldry and refers to a hill with at least three domes, the mean curvature is increased. He may be a common figure and also herald image coat of arms.


In the representation in the sign he is often a herald image, as in this case runs the Three Mountain as a coat of arms cut from plate edge to plate edge. A three mountain is often found in Swiss community and family crest. The arches symbolize in this case Mountains, hence the name. Five and seven mountains arranged so are rare. The six mountain formed from six hills, is especially popular in the Italian and Swiss heraldry. If the number six, is spoken in the heraldry of Schroffen. These are also known as burning with flames Schroffen.

Is the crest of a mountain with heraldic flowers, often sullied with the lily, emblazoned as blooming mountain.

Frequently the three mountain is also parking space for one emblem. In Suhler crest is ... in the opened gates standing to the right on a green three mountains a black hen with red comb.

One of the famous Three mountains found in the coat of arms of Hungary and the flag and the coat of arms of Slovakia. Here are the three mountains Tatra, Fatra and Matra are presented. The three mountain on the coat of arms of Slovenia represents the Triglav (three head ), the highest mountain of Slovenia

Examples of coats of arms with the three mountain

Coat of arms of Slovakia

Coat of Arms of Slovenia

  • Communities

Gosau AT ( " three silver spikes" )

Langenberg DE

Senne City DE

Sg Sietland DE


Six mountain, Emmendingen