Trinidad, Bolivia

Trinidad (official Spanish name: La Santisima Trinidad ) is the capital of the department of Beni in the Amazon lowlands of the South American landlocked Bolivia.

Location in near space

Trinidad is located approximately 400 line kilometers northeast of La Paz in the Amazon Basin on the right bank of the river Arroyo San Juan, which drains to the Río Mamoré out. The city lies at an altitude of 161 m.


Trinidad has a year-round tropical hot and humid climate. The average annual temperature is 26.2 ° C, with the average monthly temperatures between June / July distinguish good 23 ° C and October / December by almost 28 ° C only slightly. The annual rainfall is nearly 2000 mm and is thus more than twice as high as the precipitation in Central Europe. Maximum values ​​to February are about 300 mm in the months of December low values ​​of about 50 mm in July / August over.


Trinidad (Spanish: " Trinity ") was established in 1686 as a mission station of the Jesuits on the Río Mamoré; the complete local name was actually " La Santisima Trinidad " (Spanish: "The Holy Trinity "). As the situation on Mamoré proved to be unfavorable due to flooding, the settlement was moved in 1769 to about 14 km to its present position.


The population of the city has increased in the past three and a half decades to several times:

Traffic network

Trinidad is the intersection of the national highways Ruta 3, which connects Trinidad to the 602 km distant La Paz, and the Ruta 9, which crosses the entire Bolivian lowlands from north to south and from Trinidad leads to the 477 km southern metropolis of Santa Cruz. About this main roads, there are daily bus connections to most cities in Bolivia.

Economy and culture

Trinidad is the seat of the Apostolic Vicariate of El Beni o Beni of the Roman Catholic Church. The city owns next to the private university Univalle also a public university called Universidad Autónoma del Beni " José Ballivián " (formerly: Universidad Técnica del Beni ).

The most important industry of the area around Trinidad is agriculture, especially cattle.

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