TripAdvisor is a tourism website that the user provides individual advice to plan your holiday. On the side, reports more than 1.8 million transactions, 1 million restaurants, hotels 655,000 and 235,000 points 114,000 destinations find (as of January 2013). On offer opinions and ratings from travelers links to reports from newspapers, magazines and guidebooks and travel forums (electronic " bulletin boards ").


TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000 and acquired by InterActiveCorp (ICA ) in 2004. Was financed by the creation of Flagship Ventures, the Bollard Group and private investors. With ICA TripAdvisor became part of the travel group Expedia, which was brought in August 2005 as an independent company on the stock market. In December 2011, again the TripAdvisor Media Group of Expedia Inc. was spun off by the shareholders received one new share Expedia and additionally one new share of TripAdvisor for an old Expedia 's stock. TripAdvisor, Inc. is listed as a separate company on the NASDAQ Global Select under the symbol "TRIP" since 21 December 2011.


According to the company, the site has over 60 million visitors and a total of more than 75 million reviews monthly, respectively. User reviews on their pages. If one adds the connected part of the company there are about 74 million visitors per month. Since the opinions of TripAdvisor are integrated via widgets on other pages, the contents of TripAdvisor are still read by many more people.

Among the advertisers of TripAdvisor includes online travel agencies like Expedia,, Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline and Travelocity or Intercontinental, Hyatt and American Airlines.