Troia, Apulia

Troy is a city in Southern Italy with 7360 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Foggia in Apulia, 17 km south of Lucera. The city is located near the ancient road from Benevento to Brindisi on a hilltop southwest of Foggia, can be seen from the plane of the Tavoliere of the.


Troy (later Colonia Augusta Apulia ) founded on the ruins of the ancient AECAE to 1022 and obtained as an Italian bishop city meaning. In 1229 Troy was destroyed by Emperor Frederick II.

Famous is the 1129 consecrated Romanesque Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta with the mighty bronze gates of 1119, whose construction began in 1093. It is the oldest and best preserved building of its style in Puglia, join the replicas on the road from Beneventum to Monte Gargano.