Troika (driving)

The Troika (Russian тройка [ tr͡ɔjka ]; German: trio ) is a tense way for carts or carriages, go in like the Dreispänner three horses or other draft animals next to each other. The Troika is a common, particularly in Russia and West Asia tension.

For the classical Russian Troika tension Orlov trotters are used. The middle horse goes under a Duga at a trot, the Galopins said outer horses sharply outwards placed at a gallop, the right in the left, the left on the right lead.

Hazards is the classic troika with four individual lines, two of which lead to the middle horse, and one each to the outer ring snaffle the outside horses. From the inner ring snaffle the outside horses a side reins leads to Duga. Directed exclusively to the means horse, the outside horses follow the waning train of Ausbindezügels.


The Troika tension was in Germany also known by the song of Ivan Rebroff "With the Troika in the big city ". The Tale of the Troika is a story of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. A three individuals or institutions leadership group is often referred to as the Troika, for example, the EU Troika, a supervisory body of the European Union, which consists of representatives of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. There is a Soviet special tribunal consisting of three persons, which is also called troika.