Troll Hagen is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. The community is managed by the Office Neverin based in the municipality of the same name.


Troll Hagen is located about five kilometers north of Neubrandenburg and east of Tollense - glacial valley.

Community structure

Districts are:

  • Buchhof
  • Bright field
  • Podewall
  • Troll Hagen


Troll Hagen is first documented in 1308 as " Hogen Haven ". The name should of come from the Middle Low German and means something like hoge (height) and haven yard possession. From the year 1496 the place was called Trullenhagen, later Troll Hagen. Since the early modern period there was in place a manor, but still up in the second half of the 18th century peasant holdings, the last was in 1760 drafted. The estate was expropriated in 1945 in the wake of land reform, supplied the mansion different uses.

Airfield / airbase

Since 1933 there are in the community the airfield, which was only used by the military until 1993. Since 1993, the airport is operated by the Air Force of the Armed Forces as a military airfield and shared with the Neubrandenburg Airport -Troll Hagen GmbH as a regional airport. The civilian clearance terminal was inaugurated in 1995.


Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Milan In Green a silver on one below, four-spoke golden gear with sixteen teeth, the central spoke topped with a green acorn, between the spokes depending on a golden acorn "


The flag is transverse to the longitudinal axis of the flag cloth of green - white - green striped. The outer green stripes take three tenths of the white middle stripe occupies two -fifths of the length of the bunting. In the center of the white band is three -fifths of the height of the flag cloth engaging, the municipal coat of arms. The length of the bunting is related to height as 5:3.


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  • Late Gothic stone church from the 14th century, western tower with newer top, einjochiger choir with ribbed vaults and 5/8-Schluss and Arc de Triomphe to balkengedecktem nave.
  • Village church Podewall of timber and with a mansard roof.
  • Neubrandenburg airport

Rinderstall in Troll Hagen ( 1956)

Village church Podewall

Transport links

The national road 35 (formerly B96 ) leads through the west of the municipality. The community is also accessible via the about six kilometers away, junction Neubrandenburg -Nord on the motorway 20. The municipality is also the Neubrandenburg Airport.