• Jeff Bridges Kevin Flynn / Clu
  • Bruce Boxleitner: Alan Bradley / Tron
  • David Warner: Ed Dillinger / Sark / Voice of the MCP
  • Cindy Morgan: Lora / Yori
  • Barnard Hughes: Dr. Walter Gibbs / Dumont

Tron is an American feature film from Disney Studios in 1982. It was directed by Steven Lisberger, the participation of Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner in the lead roles and music by Wendy Carlos. 2010 appeared the sequel Tron: Legacy.


The programmer Kevin Flynn tries to obtain evidence that Ed Dillinger once stolen from him more programmed computer games and issued them as his. Dillinger was characterized President of the computer company ENCOM. Flynn writes computer programs to search the acquired in the MCP ( Master Control Program ) main computer of the company according to the evidence; However, his attempts are always unsuccessful. What neither Flynn nor anyone else suspects, is that all computer programs live in a world ruled by the MCP virtual reality as a humanoid creatures that resemble their programmers ( users).

Flynn's friends Alan Bradley and Lora want him after he told them the story, help. Both are still working at ENCOM, while Flynn was dismissed. Alan has the idea to enable a building designed by him surveillance program called " Tron ". This program would eliminate the MCP, and Flynn could enter the system and find the evidence he needs. In the implementation of the plan, however, something goes wrong. The MCP defends himself, as Flynn tries to hack inside the corporate complex in the computer. Flynn is digitized by a laser and rematerializes in the computer, where he is captured immediately. Flynn's only hope is to find TRON, and to get him to perform his job as a supervisor of the MCP.

However commissioned the MCP program Sark to let Flynn take part in games and dying. These games are nothing more than computer games played by the user. During one of these games meets Flynn on Tron and can flee with him and another program called Ram. On the run they are separated, Ram is damaged and can no longer be kept in the system. He dissolves. Tron and Flynn make now separated on the way to a Input-/Output-Tower where the programs can contact their users. It Flynn gradually discovers that he possesses in the computer world as a User practically god-like powers that allow him to manipulate the laws of nature that world at will.

Tron manages to get in touch with the two programs Yori and Dumont by Alan Bradley. From this he gets instructions how to proceed against the MCP. On the way to Tron and Yori MCP meet Flynn. At the third, they manage to penetrate to the MCP, they are, however, shortly before stopped by Sark. Tron, Sark hard to hurt creates. The MCP now gets worried about its existence and transfers all his skills on Sark; this turns into a giant and attacked Tron. Flynn jumps to deflect the MCP, directly in its connection to the real world. Tron manages thereby to interrupt the interface of the MCP. This disables the MCP and Sark also sealed fate. Flynn is thrown out by his jump into the connection back to the real world.

Disabling the MCPs all evidence of theft of computer games by Dillinger for each are now freely accessible. Dillinger is dismissed, and Flynn takes his post as the President.


Tron was one of the first movies where longer computer-generated sequences were used. Overall, make this about 15 to 20 of the 96 minutes of film. Although the film was criticized for the rather wooden performance of the performer and his sometimes incoherent plot, he was nevertheless hailed as a milestone in the history of computer animation.

In order to produce computer-generated parts of the movie, Disney turned to the company Triple Triple I. I at that time had the Super Foonly F-1, the fastest PDP-10 computer, which was produced until then. He was also the only one of its kind In addition, the company MAGI Synthavision, Robert Abel and Associates and Digital Effects were involved in the project, which specialized in special effects.

However, the film contains much less computer-animated sequences than is usually assumed. The unique visual style of this 70 -mm film is determined rather by the backlit animation, an all-optical method by which the live-action scenes that take place inside the computer, have been realized. The actor and parts of the scene are first filmed in black and white. Each image is enlarged to a large format sheet film with very high contrast and then overlaid with other layers of film, edited, colored and retouched with photographic techniques. As in a classic animated film in this way frame by frame composed and photographed, the light, as the name of the method suggests, in this case from behind shines through the image, allowing the typical light effects of the film. A variety of processed high-contrast and large format transparencies and negatives was needed for each image such sequences; were processed on classical sheet film truckloads. The cost of this procedure was many times greater than conventional twisted animated cartoons. Tron was the only movie in which this technique could hold such an important role, which makes the appearance of the film unique to this day.


The comic artist Jean Giraud (aka Moebius ) designed the main sets and costumes for the film. Most vehicles were designed by product designer Syd Mead. Syd Mead later gained fame with the film Blade Runner.

In the computer world in the film all programs wear a uniform with colored circuits. The original concept was based on the "bad " programs like Sark or the Master Control program marked with blue lines and the good programs to yellow. For unknown reasons, the concept was changed to blue for good and red for evil. However, some of the original color remained in the film, probably because this concept change took place during production and various scenes had already been completed. For example, the character Clu like most other "good" tank programs yellow lines on his uniform, Sark's tank commanders, however, with blue lines has provided.


The name " Tron " is, according to the making-of on the DVD release of a short form of electronic. " Tron " is in the real world of computers on the one hand, a command to turn on tracing for debugging BASIC programs (TRACE ON), on the other hand, a machine instruction of the PDP - 10 with the opcode octal 666

The name of the MCP ( Master Control Program ) originates from an operating system that the Burroughs Corporation introduced the B5000 in 1961 mainframe. His task was described as follows: to Automatically manipulate machine programs, allocate memory, assign equipment and route all information.

Film Music

The soundtrack to the movie wrote the synthesizer pioneer Wendy Carlos. Carlos was very well known for their album Switched-On Bach and the soundtrack for many other films such as A Clockwork Orange or The Shining. For Tron Carlos used the Moog analog synthesizer, a GDS digital synthesizer with complex additive and phase-modulated synthesis, the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Douglas Gamley and the large pipe organ in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Two additional tracks were contributed by the band Journey.

  • CD release: Tron. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Wendy Carlos. Walt Disney Records 60748-7, Burbank 2001


" The first U.S. feature film that tries to pack a banal superficial computer story in an adequate form of image [ ... ]. A gaudy spectacle that operates partially brilliant means of computer animation, traditional animation technique, a futuristic decor and alienating lighting effects. Demonstration and advertising at the same time for the possibilities of computer-aided drawing. "

" Exceptional in this first computer animated feature film, the method of production and thereby incurred the seemingly fantastic pictures."


Marcus Stiglegger represents the end of 2006 firmly in epd film, that what in 1982 still " very strange " appeared, slowly as a " visionary cult film" interspersed.


In 2010 appeared under the direction of Joseph Kosinski a sequel titled Tron: Legacy, which connects content to Tron. The film was partly shot in 3D and launched on January 27, 2011 in the German and Austrian cinema. The main characters are Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are back to see. The cast included Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen. The soundtrack contributed the French electro duo Daft Punk.


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DVD / Blu -ray

  • Tron. Deluxe Edition. 2- DVD set with lots of extras. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2002 has been. Nominated in 2003 in the categories Best Overall New Extra Features and Original Retrospective Documentary for DVD Premiere Award.
  • Tron: The Original. 2- Disc Special Edition ( DVD). Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2011
  • Tron: The Original. Special Edition ( Blu -ray). Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2011
  • TRON Collection ( DVD) including Tron: Legacy. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2011
  • TRON Collection ( Blu -ray) including Tron: Legacy. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2011