Trondenes Church

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Trondenes in Trondenes in Harstad is the northernmost medieval stone church in Norway. Although frequently the time of construction is given as 1250, dendrochronological studies have shown that it must be around the third church building at this point and was the completion shortly after 1434.

The Church was in the Middle Ages, the central church for the whole of Northern Norway and contains a rich equipment. One of the wing altar is from a workshop in Lübeck, either of the late Gothic sculptor Bernt Notke, who was one of the largest art exporters in Northern Europe in his time, or close to him Imperialissima master. The Hanseatic City of Lübeck was responsible Oberhof, for the establishment of the Hanseatic League in the German Bridge in Bergen and controlled at this time trade with Norway. From Bergen produced in northern Norway stockfish and dried cod was imported and sold throughout Europe as a fast food.