Munkholmen in the Trondheim Fjord

Trondheim fjord with beacon

The Trondheim Fjord ( norweg.: Trondheimsfjorden ) with 130 km length of the third longest fjord in Norway.

It is located in western Central Norway and extends from west to Steinkjer Ørland. The eponymous city of Trondheim, is located in this fjord in Agdenes measures 617 feet at its deepest point. The largest islands in the fjord are Ytterøy and Tautra.

The cities Stjørdal, Levanger and Steinkjer are located on the eastern and northern shores of the fjord. In Verdal Aker Verdal shipyard builds large production platforms for oil and gas. In Rissa builds a shipyard cruise ships, such as the luxury apartment cruise ship The World.


The marine life in the fjord is very rich. Alone, more than 90 species of fish were observed. Even habitats of stony corals Lophelia pertusa the type have been found.

Focke- Wulf Fw 200

On 26 May 1999, the wreck of the last existing Focke -Wulf Fw 200 Condor was established in Trondheim Fjord from the German Technology Museum in Berlin lifted by captain Werner Thieme due to a defect of a landing flap, which made ​​it impossible on 22 February 1942, a regular landing, in a kind of " controlled crash " had been drilled in the fjord. All six crew members were able to save time thanks to the flying feat. For details, see the article, to the aircraft.